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Food Supply Depot 90-04099 1 Week Supply Kit Bucket 8 Gallon Bucket

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1 Week Supply Kit Bucket 8 Gallon Bucket -
Manufacture ID: 90-04099

It’s All About Calories – 35,510 calories to be exact, and all of them are found, Food Supply Depot One Week Food Supply kit. That is enough calories to properly feed and ?nourish 3 Adults for an entire week (or 2 Adults/ 2 young children).

Food Supply Depot Calories are :

- 100% vegetarian, making them nutrient-dense. You actually need fewer calories to be properly nourished.

- Plentiful, meaning you will have enough calories to sustain life. We have developed a Food Supply Plan that is based on what your body needs, not on serving sizes that are usually unrealistic.

Kit Contains:

- 1 Pouch of:

Artisan Oatmeal

Rio Grande Beans and Rice

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Black Beans

Pinto Beans

2 Pouches of:

Southwest White Bean Chili

Creamy Stroganoff

Rotini ? la Marinara

Wisconsin Cheddar & Pasta

Tomato Florentine Soup

Nantucket Potato Soup

Harvest 6 Grain Cereal

Texan Sunrise Skillet

White Rice

Honey Almond Granola

3 Pouches of:

Chocolate Milk

Refreshing Grape

4 Pouches of:

100% Real Milk

Refreshing Orange

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