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Shopzeus USA zeusd1-COST-6904116 Plumb-Away Green 1-Second Aerosol Drain Opener Value Pack Plus Opens 24+ Drains & Leaves Fresh Lemon Scent

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Plumb-Away is the 1-Second Green way to open any drain. Large and small sinks, tubs, showers, floor drains, and toilets.nbsp;  With this special offering, you will be able to open 24+ drains, without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals to that pollute our water systems. Plumb-Away is simply the safest, most cost-effective method to unclog a drain.


Plumb-Aways eco-friendly, independently lab-tested, scientific approach utilizes the back water pressure, the pressure in the canister, temperature differential, and a cutting agent to release the clog and push it through the pipe, even if the clog is many feet away.  When buying Plumb-Away , you are helping us continue our support of mainstream environmental education for children. We donate a portion of each sale to Touch Tanks for Kids, which teaches the benefits of Cleaner Water and Healthier Marine Life.

  • Opens 24 + drains
  • 3 canisters and power caps
  • Extension handle
  • Universal seal
  • Fresh lemon scent

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